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Alpha Financial Group Review

Alpha Financial Group Review

It is important to note that the Bitcoin Loophole robot provides access to the cryptos only. This market is where the highest profitability is given high volatility. Read our Bitcoin Loophole Review to learn more about this bot. It is important to note that the trading robots that operate in partnership with this broker do not handle deposits. Any deposits made through them goes straight to the partner broker.

PRtrend scam

Give me their website url, so that I can check. They can claim to be regulated, actually most scam websites claim to be regulated. Just ask them ‘by which regulatory authority are you regulated? ’ If they tell you it is ‘CySEC’ or ‘FCA’, Retail foreign exchange trading etc, it is easy to check if it is true or not. I got ripped off by a scam broker recently it was impossible to get a withdrawal, I had to hire a recovery professional to get my funds back. Most of these brokers are scum bags.

What We Don’t Like About Alfa Forex

Ill check in once I’ve got a hundred trades, if there’s still money in my account! Its traded four times this week,3 losses to 1 win for a small net loss. The most outstanding feature at AlfaTrade is its choices.

PRtrend scam

These are not related to the purchase and sale of assets. eOption has a minimum deposit of $500 while Alfa Forex offers a $0 minimum deposit. Every online trading system will have a few ups and downs, and no eOption and Alfa Forex review would be complete power trend reviews without having a balanced approach. Compare eOption and Alfa Forex to understand how they stack up against each other before you make an account. Within this fast-paced world of stock markets and trading, you will need advice to make correct decisions.

Verdict: Is Alpha Financial Group A Legit Broker? Yes!

The company is a pyramid scheme; the great support that they brag is a mere fake PR. Once you deposit huge sums of money, they will cut all communication with you. Do not engage with Alpha Trade Fx unless you want to lose money. Noteworthy, they offer free support on their basic plan, dedicated support on the standard account, and Expert services on their premium accounts. Investors can deposit $450-$1,000 in the standard plan. The company assures them a return of 50%, and the same withdrawal fee as the basic plan. However, traders can make as many deposits as they please.

Is HFX Forex legit?

August 2013: The FPA has confirmed HFX.com as a Scam. HFX is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army. The FPA advises against depositing any money with HFX or any companies associated with it. If you have money in an account with HFX, the FPA recommends you withdraw it immediately.

That’s exactly what scammers are. In fact, begging for your money. I have checked trademaximum.com.


The MetaTrader 4 Mobile trading platform offers traders all the same features available on the desktop version. Traders have constant access to the global markets via their smartphones and all other mobile devices. I was pleased to see when doing this review that a demo account is available for traders wishing to practice Foreign exchange reserves Forex trading without putting their own money at risk. A very bad company, they have stolen my profit. After my request for withdrawal has been filed my account was block and I cant get through their customer support. Worst of all, I did not receive the withdrawal I have requested. All my money was gone in limbo.

PRtrend scam

Commissions can be fixed or dependent on the traded quantity. On the flip side, a spread refers to the difference between the buying and selling cost. Funding or overnight rates are people that are charged when you maintain a leveraged position for longer than daily. In accordance with their individual privacy regulation, customer data is to not be shared with any other institutions or individuals. This includes credit history and other financial details. There is no sure-fire method to ensure profits; therefore, you should carefully assess your agent before you select them. It is a common misconception that all brokers are the same, but that is not correct.


An established broker such as this should make caring for your customers a priority. The Alpha Trade Fx is a scam investment platform that you should stay away from.

PRtrend scam

This is my current broker but I am planning to switch. They have a very complicated platform and customer service is not even helping me understand the forex analytics platform. I am having some trouble organizing my portfolio. Very unreliable broker service. You can’t even rely on their customer service for help.

Alfa Forex Pros And Cons

The platform links their great performance to their able skilled traders and analysts who monitor the market tirelessly. It’s was so untrue to me at the end when I found out that all this while was waiting for me to pile up all my fund so they can scam me of my money. The Alfa-Forex broker tends to offer its customers the widest range of market analytics. Actual Alfa-Forex news you can read here. The minimum deposit to trade with Alfa Forex is 0.

  • Once you are done setting up your profile, you must deposit a minimum amount to get started.
  • I got so many losses and so I decided to quit and just withdraw my remaining money but they freeze it.
  • However, the company is not legit; we hate to break it to you that if you invest with them, you will lose your money.
  • Among options provided for customers the good analytics, scanning financial news right during trading, training etc.
  • The company’s website offers traders a range of useful tools and access to all of them are free.
  • You will acquire proficient at all the concepts of brokerage as you continue trading.

Worst services have lost huge money instead. prtrend official site They can not even communicate well.

I live in the US but the brokers you list as being safe will not do business with anyone living in the US. Please help me find an honest broker. I unfortunately found this site after sending $500 to cdftradeoption.com.

PRtrend scam

The same applies to cryptocurrencies, where malicious, impersonating bots are rampant. Don’t trust offers that come from Twitter or Facebook, especially if there seems to be an impossible result. While this is a greater risk for Android users, every investor should be aware of the possibility. Are there obvious misspellings in the copy or even the name of the app? Does the branding look inauthentic with strange coloring or an incorrect logo? Take note and reconsider downloading. Your gateway to all our best protection.

zukoptions.com is already on the list. 32options.com is also not a registered or a regulated broker.

PRtrend scam

This includes credit history and other financial information. Alfa Forex also features excellent trading conditions which are available to just an elite group of institutional customers. The tight spreads and quick executions are a great benefit for the traders.

Depending on the type of trading account you opt for some brokers require a minimum deposit as high as 6500 GBP/USD. Some brokers can go as high as 10,000 GBP/USD.

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