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Being released – guidance and advice for parents

Being released – guidance and advice for parents

Concerns usually expected by parents with LGBT kiddies

For moms and dads

As a parent, you’ve probably understandable concerns or issues if you believe that your particular kid could be lesbian, gay, bi and/or trans (LGBT). We have answered several of the most frequently occurring ones below.

I believe that my son or daughter might be LGBT. How do I be certain?

Until your youngster comes and informs you that they’re, or may be LGBT, you can’t know. Do not make presumptions and allow them to come and inform you in their particular time. Make a positive environment where your youngster seems in a position to communicate with you about their intimate orientation and/or sex identification. For instance, say positive reasons for LGBT people when they’re on TV and don’t enable other people to express things that are negative your homes roof.